My Look

The Dress

When looking for a dress, I was looking for a white A-line gown, with ruching at the top and some light embellishments at the top as well. I definitely wanted a gown that was simple and symmetrical where  the train wasn't ridiculously long, but had a little something. I also wanted it to be feel light weight (so that I could boogey through the night comfortably) and wanted to it to be strapless.  Well, I found it! This is my ideal dress. I tried it on (and even before it was all the way on) I loved it. Nothing has compared to it, and I can't even remember what my other "favorites" even look like. 

This one is in ivory, but mine will be in white. 

The shoes

I love my K-swiss. I don't think I could wear anything other than my comfortable classics. I have already purchased them and it is taking a lot of strength to not wear them.

The Veil

I wasn't sure if I wanted a veil, but the FI was disappointed when I mentioned not wearing one and my mother actually got the most sentimental as she has in this whole wedding process, so I have decided to have one. It'd be cool if mom still had hers, I really liked hers, but unfortunately she has no idea what she did with any of her wedding attire. LOL.

I ordered my veil from It is 2-layered, white, fingertip length veil with a finished bottom.

Hair and Makeup

My colors are bright pink and yellow and my wedding is in the summer so I would really like to keep my look natural, but just a little more enhanced. I love the looks below. They are summery, natural, and right around the idea I have for my look.  The first 5 looks are for makeup and the rest are for hair.

When I tried on my dress, I actually wore my hair back. After seeing it in pictures, I have decided that a chignon is the way to go for this day. I will have to modernize it a little bit though. 

The Rehearsal Dinner Dress

I love this dress and it was only $25.