Things to Look Forward to...

The Music

First Dance Song- "As" by Stevie Wonder or "Head Over Heels" by Rascal Flatts
Wedding Party Entrance- "This Will Be" by Natalie Cole
Bride and Groom Entrance- "Walk It Out" by DJ UNK
Father/Daughter Dance- "Cinderella" by Stephen Curtis Chapman
Mother/Son Dance- "Because You Loved Me" by Celine Dion
Cake Cutting- "How Sweet It Is" by James Taylor or Michael Buble or "Sweet Caroline"
Bouquet Toss- "Sex and the City Theme Song"  and "Independent" by Webbie
Garter Toss- "Lady" by Lenny Kravitz for the grabbing and  ??? (I'm letting Chris choose the actual toss, so we'll know ???...)
Wedding Party Dance- "Snap Yo Fingers" by E40 and Lil Jon
Sorority Dance- "Gamma Phi Beta" by DJ Skrilla
Cocktail hour- A medley of Tony Bennett, Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, etc

 The Cake

Originally, Chris and I wanted to have multiple cakes...3 to be exact. Christopher and I are a fan of cheesecake so we want to have that be one of our cake choices. We also love, love, love, chocolate cake, so we wanted that to be another cake. Instead of going with that, we found a baker that would give us one beautifully simple cake and two sheet cakes with all of our flavors. We ended up choosing a three tier tri-dot decor (with fondant) with a Strawberry White Chocolate Mousse for the first two layers, a Kahlua cake for the bottom layer and one sheet cake, and a white cake with lemon buttercream for another sheet cake. Before I did not care about the cake; now I can't wait to cut the cake and eat!